Games Design – 2D Realm Creation

Red Zoen

Prototyping a realm for a 2D RPG game using the Lua scripting language
combined with the supplied proprietary Emergent Engine.

1A of this Module contains the foundations of a 2D RPG styled Realm including:

- Map creation for the Realm.

- Sprite animation for characters and A.I.

- Lua scripting to allow for a basic working world.

- Bug fixing within script files.


The software used:

- Emergent Engine

A custom games engine, developed by the module lecturer Dr. Yvan Cartwright.

It is used to display a playable version of the created 2D Realm.


- Notepad++

Used for Lua scripting.


- Tiled Map Editor

A 2D tile based map creation tool.

Maps created in this are built up of multiple layers;

- Background (A Flooring layer, anything in the environment the player can walk over)

- Collision (A blocking volume layer, anything in the environment that you would not want a player to pass through)

- Foreground (Anything in the environment that a player can walk behind, the player will be masked by the shape of that layer)

Each of the above layer types can have multiple amounts within a map, that stack higher in the environment for example; Background0 and Background1, Background0 would be used for a wooden floor inside a house and Background1 would be used for a rug ontop of the floor.

- Movement (A Speed layer, through hints and tones of white to black the speed for specific tiles can be set)

- Force Direction (Used to set the direction in which a plaer should be pushed)

- Force Magnitude (Used to set the force/speed that should be applied to ‘Force Direction’)


These are the individual maps I have made to create the realm with.

Multiplayer Prototyping 1A

2D Realm

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The features and assests currently implimented are:


Portaling between maps

- Selecting set location values within the maps to link them all together.


- Route Following (Selecting set location values in a map to create a route for NPC’s to follow, usually linked to a trigger to begin the ‘Route Following’)

- Guarding (An NPC can be set to be at a specific location in the map, from this location radius values can be set to decide the distance an NPC can stray from the set location)

- Quest Givers (In its current state an NPC with this A.I state can offer a quest to the player, who can accept or decline it, although working quests have not yet been implimented)


 A video showing the realm in its final state for the end of 1A.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


In 1B I will been expanding and improving on this realm by implimenting
other avaliable featues within the Emergent engine.