Games Design – 2D Realm Expansion

Red Zoen

Create a playable Realm consisting of muliple maps, NPC’s,
items/weapons and quests that the player can complete.

I have re-created the main map for my Realm, using the same ideas and set areas from my previous main map in 1A. I have created the main world area and split off the different sections of the original map into different maps themselves.

Main Realm

I wanted to create a believeable look and feel to the main realm, as in the previous version it had many different areas that although worked and looked right individually, when compact together the difference in area styles didn’t seem to fit. I rearranged areas amongst places in the map below and seperate main worlds that split off from this central area.

Beach Area

Whereas before the beach and sea were compact together with the rest of the map I have rearranged them to be in a seperate map altogether, splitting from the right hand side of the central map. This map is also used for a route to get to the snow area.

Forest Area

Secret Lair

This is one of the new internal areas I have created for a secret lair room with 3 enterances and 3 exits, this lair will be accessable from portals found within the main realm, which will randomly warp you to one of the three locations within the lair. Two of which being treasure areas and the other being a boss battle, so it will be luck whether you are rewarded or have to fight a monsterous creature.

As well as these new additions I will still be using the majority of the internal maps I created from 1A, for things such as the insides of houses and the mine area.

Final Realm Plan

This is the final realm plan showing positions in the world where all the seperate maps are linked, along with where NPC’s and items are placed.