Youtube – Overview

On my channel I upload gaming content and currently have a Youtube Partnership through a contract with Machinima. The majority of my inital videos contained Call of Duty content, but I have recently included more variety in the games and content I upload.


Montages & Edits

One of my favourite parts of being an uploader on Youtube is the editing of videos, it is a great passion of mine and is where I started off when first making videos. Editing videos is not just simply cutting and placing clips together with an underlining music track, but enhancing the look of gameplay, fitting and syncing it to music and adding custom cinematics, transitions and effects. My edits will usually consist of a theme or style I have had an idea to create a video about.

Here is my latest edit, consisting of gameplay from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and SSX (2012) this edit was inspired by the music from Savant.

3D Work

For my videos on Youtube I like to create and use intros, basically a short clip that communicates to the viewer what series the video is from that they are watching. These short clips usually consists of the name of the video series in 3D text, being shown off in a stylish and creative fashion.

Here is my channel intro this is the video shown in front of all of my uploaded videos.

Simply Immense

The Simply Immense series combines my gameplay and editing together in episodes, the difference between this series and an edit from me is that in these videos I will focus more on the gamelay than the editing, as the editing wont necessarily have a set theme to the video throughout.

Below is the latest episode in the series.

Dunk & Forzie Play Minecraft

Dunk & Forzie embark on an epic adventure on the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft.

Below is the last episode of season 3.

Dunk Plays Fez

A complete let’s play of the game Fez with live commentary from me to accompany the gameplay. Follow me on an epic journey through the amazing puzzle riddled world of Fez, as I explore and solve the hidden secrets within this seemingly 2D realm.

Below is the last episode of the let’s play.

Not That Immense

Call of Duty Leftovers series, a simple edit series using clips not deemed good enough for my Simply Immense series.

Final KillCams

The Final KillCams series utilises the Game Winning Killcam feature in Call Of Duty and episodes contain stylish & what is to be considered lucky KillCams from myself and friends/ teammates, episodes are usually 1 – 2 minutes long and contain a background music track.

Below is the last episode of season 5.

Lols & Trolls

The Lols & Trolls series includes fun gameplay from myself and friends whilst playing Call of Duty.

Trickshot Academy & Masterclass

These two series are tutorial based series for trickshotting in Modern Warfare 2. Trickshot Academy contains videos with multiple trickshot tutorials per episode with a background music track and Trickshot Masterclass contains videos with single trickshot tutorials per episode along with a voice explanation and a more indepth look at the shot.

Here is a video from each of the series.

Achievement Guides

Although I don’t do many achievement guides, the ones I have done have been very sucessful in terms of youtube stats, so much so that they are my most viewed uploads. The videos basically contain a video guide with a voice explaination on how to get the outlined achievements.

Heres my most viewed video, an achievement guide for Black Ops Zombies.


These are the artists I have permission to use music from:

- She Music
- Savant
- E-Dubble
- Crown The Empire
- Digital Summer
- Tragedy Machines
- Uppermost
- Vodge Diper
- SharksAttackSharks